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Ein's Food Grinder

Grind garlic + Mince meat + Chop veggies

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Ein’s Tissue Cover

Organize your coffee table

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Ein’s Bedroom

Things to make your bedroom lovely

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A Brief Intro about Our Lab

Granted, cuteness is never a hard science. Practicality and functionality might be, on the other hand. Want to see what the results are, when you combine them all together? Then you’re in the right place.

Ein’s cuteness lab is a shop founded in 2021, selling decorative home goods that have practical uses. For some objects, they weight more on the decorative side, while others are more functional but still cute. Yes, we are very new, but the idea of “bring fun and cuteness to every corner of your life” has been cultivated for many years by our owner and the designers of our products. Now the idea is finally carried out with our boutique selection of kitchen, office, bedroom, and even laundry room gadgets! Woo Hoo!

The owner is a cute gadget fanatic. She would never miss a chance to walk into a boutique store on the street, even when she’s approaching deadlines for other urgent duties… With over 20 years experience building a discerning cuteness eye, she is excited to offer you items that will make your friends say “Wow, where did you get this!”

We speak a lot about cuteness, but we assure you that we take quality beyond that. We’re dedicated to high standards of quality and service to make certain that you can always rely on us: We choose manufacturers in China who have passed SGS manufacturing quality standards to work with. We also manually triple-check everything before it is packed and shipped.

Have a virtual tour of our cuteness lab. Grab a souvenir for yourself, or your friends & family, if you like anything!

Before you go, we have new products every week, so don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter, follow us on our social media, and come back frequently. Enjoy!

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